We possess over 55 years of experience in turning ancient Ayurvedic knowledge into high-quality products that are made with clinically tested ingredients. We offer natural, safe and holistic solutions for almost every health need you can think of.

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Contemporizing Ayurveda Since 1966

With a vision to make Ayurvedic secrets known to every individual, Ban Labs began its journey in 1966 under the Chairmanship of its Founder Dr. D. K. Patel as Bharatiya Aushadh Nirmanshala, today known as ‘BAN’. Extracting the best out of nature while working closely with life sciences, Ban Labs is the place where nature cures health and beauty ailments. We began this journey enthused by a desire to serve mankind with authentic, premium quality therapeutic solutions based on time-tested Ayurvedic medicines, backed by science, technology and stringent quality norms.

Meticulously Formulated Remedies

With over 55 years of cumulative experience our team of scientists and leading clinicians build formulations with scientifically and clinically tested ingredients, to make our proprietary Ayurvedic medicines that can help you reach your health goals. We endeavour to interpret Ayurvedic wisdom to continually deliver long lasting health and provide much needed cure and protection. Because we believe - Good Health is the key to Wealth and Happiness.

Authentically Sourced Herbs You Can Count On

The alchemy of herbs requires precision, years of practice and a perfect understanding of interaction and synergy among herbal ingredients. We at Ban Labs go the extra mile to source the best ingredients and make use of clean, pure, potent botanicals, plant extracts and phyto-ingredients. After passing to provide safe, researched based formulations with – no side effects, no habit forming products and no harmful ingredients.

Efficient, Promising and Holistic Solutions

We offer natural, safe and holistic solution for almost every health need of yours. This is because our Ayurveda based formulations pass through toughest of the quality control checks before reaching you. We take special care in delivering products that are safe and efficacious. A great deal of time is spent authenticating the herb, isolating its active marker, testing its therapeutic property and validating safety and efficacy. This is why our products are not having any harmful side effects and effectual at the same time. The results of our clinical trials are published in leading medical and peer-review journals.

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Discover the great achievements entitled to Care Tea and don’t forget to enjoy your moment of wellness with Care.

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Why I Should Consider Ayurveda Medicines?

There is no other health model that addresses all aspects of one’s health and life.  The mother of all natural medicine, Ayurveda is time tested and the call of our times where we are falling in despair of ill-health. Currently, we are facing mental health crisis due to the pandemic; without a Spiritual anchor we are lost.  Ayurveda is a deep, broad and sophisticated system that connects you to your Truth. There is no other system or wisdom that understands the human being  like Ayurveda does.

Have heard that Ayurveda medicines loaded with heavy metals and so are unsafe to use. Is it true?

The concern that herbs are laden with lead or mercury is genuine and important as well. The source of any products used must be known. Purchasing Ayurvedic herbs without knowing and trusting the source and then generalizing that all Ayurvedic products are unsafe is misleading and misguiding. So one must trust only those Ayurveda medicines that are manufactured in GMP certified plant and one that performs stringent quality checks.

How does Ban Labs ensure the efficacy of its products?

Ban Labs follows the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) at our world-class manufacturing facility. This enables us to produce herbal products with uniform levels of batch-to-batch consistency and ensures that the customer receives the same high-quality product regardless of where it is purchased. We also perform heavy metal testing to avaoid heavy metal toxicity. We strive to meet customer health needs through well-researched, effective and safe remedies.

What is the basic philosophy of health, disease and treatment in Ayurveda?

As per Ayurveda, ‘Health’ is a state of equilibrium of normal functions of doshas, Dhatus, malas and Agni with delighted body, mind and soul. It means that when Dosh-Dhatu-Malas and Agni are constantly in a state of functional equilibrium, then the health is maintained. Otherwise distortion of the equilibrium results into diseases. Erratic lifestyle is believed to be one of the basic causes behind the failure of mechanism of maintaining equilibrium.

What are the modes of ayurvedic treatment?

There exists eight divisions of ayurvedic therapeutics, namely kayachikitsa (internal medicine), shalya (surgery), shalkya (otorhinolaryngology and opthalmology), kaumr bhritya (paediatrics, gynaecology and obstetrics) agad tantra (toxicology), rasayana (gerentorology), vajikaran (aphrodisiacs) and bhoot vidya (psychiatry).

What are the main classical reference books of ayurveda?

The main classical texts for reference of Ayurvedic principles comprise of Charak Samhita, Susrut Samhita, Astang Hridaya, Sharangdhar Samhita, Madhav Nidan, Kashyap Samhita, Bhavprakash and Bhaisajya Ratnavali etc.

Where do raw materials for manufacturing ayurvedic medicines come from?

Whatever is natural whether belonging to plants or animals or minerals: all are considered the source of raw material for Ayurvedic medicines. However 600 medicinal plant products, 52 minerals and 50 animal products are commonly used.

Does Ban Labs use any animal products or by-products in their products?

Our products are natural, safe and efficacious. Some of the products contain honey, bee wax and lanolin that are of animal origin. But these ingredients are obtained as by-products without harming animals.

Is there any rationale behind integrating Ayurveda and western medicine?

Because of multidimensional wide range of efficacy of Ayurvedic treatment, where certain disease conditions or symptoms become refractory to conventional treatment, a harmonised approach of these two systems of health care has proven to be successful and fruitful. Sometimes Ayurveda helps for a synergistic activity while at other places to antagonise and minmise the toxicity of modern drugs.

Is Ayurveda recognised by WHO?

About 20 years back, W.H.O. adopted Traditional Medicine programme in conjunction with the goal of health for all with the adoption of primary health care approach. W.H.O. has an open mind on Traditional Medicine. However, it endorses only that therapy which has solid scientific evidence with no toxicity. In view of this Ayurveda is duly recognised by W.H.O.

Can one take Ayurveda Medicine with modern medicines?

If not indicated otherwise by the attending physician, Ayurveda Medicines can generally be taken alongwith allopathic medicines. Moreover, Ayurveda Medicines are used as adjuvant to allopathic medicines in most of chronic and degenerative diseases. As such there is no harm to consume simple herbal formulations of Ayurveda even without the prescription of the doctor but mineral based medicines must be used after due consultation and advice of the doctor.

Is there any regulation for manufacturing Ayurvedic Medicines?

Yes, there exists such a regulation by which commercial manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines is regulated. Manufacturers have to take prior license from the State Drug Controlling Authority for running an Ayurvedic Pharmacy. Formulations whether classical or patent proprietary have to be got cleared from the competent authority before starting commercial manufacturing.

Is manufacturing facility of Ban Labs has AYUSH approval?

Offcource. We have manufacturing license and product license from AYUSH department. Also our plant is GMP certified.

What are the range of products offered by Ban Labs?

We have well research, scientifically proven and doctor prescribed medicines for varied range of health concerns like – Respiratory health, Digestive health, Liver health, Skin health, Women wellness, Men’s health, Pain management, Heart care, Immunity booster, General health tonic, Reproductive care, Dental care and more.

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Winters increase my love for tea, try the immunity boosting tea only from Care Health Benefits: Builds Immunity Helps Detoxification Keeps You Look Youthful Enhance Metabolism, Go for it!

Madalsa Sharma

Winters increase my love for tea, try the immunity boosting tea only from Care Health Benefits: Builds Immunity Helps Detoxification Keeps You Look Youthful Enhance Metabolism, Go for it!

Madalsa Sharma

Winters increase my love for tea, try the immunity boosting tea only from Care Health Benefits: Builds Immunity Helps Detoxification Keeps You Look Youthful Enhance Metabolism, Go for it!

Madalsa Sharma