Stationery that is not just best-in-class in function, but also style, design and price! Be it a fun DIY project or an accessory for your lifestyle, Boat is your go-to stationery. Let your creativity know no bounds with stationery that has boundless potential!

Eco Friendly

Quality Material

Safe For Children

Stationery you will love!

Bring the creative talent into reality!

A diversified range of products that are completely balanced in aspects of quirkiness and functionality to improve your everyday life.

Perfect Blend of Writing Instruments and Stationery Range

The boat is a promising brand that believes in high-quality products for all users bit taking notes, scribbling, sketching, permanent or temporary marking, learn with fun activity sets, and correcting texts. The brand believes in innovation, uniqueness, new concepts, value addition, and attractive presentation for the consumer: for example, attractive boat and steamer container toys in the modelling dough range is a clear initiative of “point of difference” that has given the company a leading position across markets.

Creativity & Innovation - Mantra of Success

Creativity has been the core forte which provides a platform for kids to bring their imagination into reality as kids are full of ideas and creativity. We provide the right mix of products that helps them to spend their leisure time in creative and fun learning with full engagement increasing their enthusiasm and curiosity for all-round development and a better future.

Two In One

Boat modelling Dough range is a perfect example of 2 in 1 as they not only provide a platform for kids creativity and all-round development but also make it a complete fun package by providing solid toy containers in the form of a boat, steamer, bucket, etc which can be used as multi-purpose usage and are the best tools for fun engagement.


Q: How much time does Dough takes to dry?

A: Boat Magic Dough takes 24 to 36 hours to get dried when exposed to air or high temperature. However, Boat dough can be retained to its original condition by adding few drops of water if left open for few hours.

Q: Who are the users of Single Ball Pen?

A: Students of age 12 years and above, all higher secondary students, executive, institutions, professionals, corporates and Government offices. Best suitable for all type of gifting.

Q: What is the use of student Display Folder ?

A: Student Display Folder is widely used to store all important documents for future references....

Q: Is Boat premium Wiro notebook water proof ?

A: Yes, it is water proof as the cover used is of PP material.

Q: Which age group use plastic Crayons?

A: Children of age 3 years and above use plastic crayons.

Q: Which age group use Modelling Clay?

A: Children of age 3 years and above use Modelling Clay.

Q: What is the use of Student White Adhesive?

A: For Use in Handicraft, Art & Hobbies, Creative Activities, projects & Practicals, Handmade objects, Generic Decoration, Homes & Offices, etc.

Q: Is Exam boards ment for useing only during exams ?

A: No, apart from Exams, it is used also used in class, at home, in offices for various purposes..