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Precise selection of fragrances for the Indian weather

After first-in-class thorough research, we found that all fragrances perform differently in different atmospheres. Owing to India’ wide range of climate conditions, we selected a diverse range of fragrances that perform best in all types of weather conditions.

Technology-led long-lasting fragrances

Signature fragrances are formulated using unique technology to make them last longer, be it on skin or clothes. Our patented technology encapsulates each fragrance particle and gives out a slow and sustained burst of fragrance after application.


What are Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum, etc?

These terms refer to the strength of the fragrance, or more specifically, to how much high-grade alcohol and/or water has been added to the fragrance oils. Parfum (generally the mostconcentrated form you can buy) has 15-25% perfume oil dissolved in alcohol. Any mixture with a lower proportion of oil to alcohol is an Eau (water).Parfum – 20-30 percentEau de Parfum – 15-20 percentEau de Toilette – 5-15 percentCologne – 2-4 percentEau Fraiche – 1-3 percent

Which of the signature perfumes is EDP?

We at Signature aim to offer their clients strong, powerful perfumes that arelong-lasting and thus we have designed all our perfumes are Eau De Parfumwith a high concentration of perfume oil (15-20%).

Does Signature have gender-free fragrances?

Signature has all kinds of perfume ranges designed especially for men, womenand the unisexual range offers gender-free fragrances.

What are top, middle, and base notes?

Top notes provide the first scent impression of a fragrance once it has been applied to the skin. They are usually lighter, more volatile aromas that evaporate readily. Middle notes sometimes referred to as “heart notes”, make up the body of the scent. They may be evident from the start and are useful for classifying the fragrance family. Base Notes that last the longest, and are also important as fixatives, that is, they help slow down the evaporation rates of the lighter notes, giving the fragrance holding power.

What are the fragrance families?

These are " aroma groupings" of related scents. Fragrance families are a classification system used by the perfume industry in order to place different scents into olfactive groups. It’s good to know which family your perfume falls into – because it is a simple fact that can help us to narrow down preferences.

Why do perfumes smell different on different people?

Your own body chemistry affects how different notes react on your skin. Anything thataffects the "natural" the smell of your skin, such as stress, hormonal changes, your current diet, or medications, might change how a perfume smells on you.

Signature Deodorant is packed in an Aluminium can or Tin Can?

At Signature, we use Aluminium cans for packing deodorants.

How to make perfume last longer?

The first and most important piece of advice for prolonging the length of time perfume lasts on the skin is to apply it properly. The basic approach here should be to apply between two and four sprays on pulse points of the body. These are the parts of the body where the pulse can be checked, such as the wrists and the neck.It is also important that perfume is sprayed directly onto the skin and that it is not rubbed in. Avoid spraying the perfume into the air and walking through the cloud, as this is aninefficient way to apply perfume. Also, perfume should be applied to clean skin for best results soon after you get out of the bath or shower. This is because the moisture on your skin provides something for the perfume to stick to, essentially functioning as a base for the fragrance. If you moisturize your skin, this gives the oils something to ‘cling’ to, essentially functioning as a base for the fragrance and will boost its staying power. Try to wear an unscented body cream, butter, or lotion which won’t clash with your chosen scent or a specific body product that can complement the fragrance.

Why do perfumes smell different on different people?

Your own body chemistry affects how different notes react on your skin. Anything thataffects the "natural" the smell of your skin, such as stress, hormonal changes, your current diet, or medications, might change how a perfume smells on you.

Can we spray perfume on clothes?

It is fine to spray perfume on clothes. It is worth doing a patch test to ensure yourperfume won’t stain or discolor your clothes; this is especially true of light-colouredfabrics. The material tends to absorb the perfume, making the scent last a lot longerthan it would on your skin alone.

How many sprays of perfume should I wear?

To identify the number of sprays, check the perfume concentration behind the bottle.You can easily apply 3-4 sprays if your perfume is lightweight and refreshing.However, 1-2 sprays of Signature perfume are sufficient for intensive or heavy fragrances.

How to store my perfume?

To store perfume properly, keep it away from heat and light. A dark closet or a covered box is best. Also, avoid direct exposure to air. Splash bottles, which expose the fragrance to air every time they are opened, are problematic. If you apply perfume directly from a bottle stopper, wipe the stopper with a clean, lint-free cloth before replacing it in the bottle.

Do you recommend changing perfume with the season?

Generally speaking, it feels natural to change your perfume with the seasons but it is aquestion of what feels comfortable to you. Follow your instinct or what comes naturally to you.  In hot weather, you may find your fragrance seems ‘stronger’ or more overpowering. This is why one would like to wear lighter scents, for the summer and some people prefer heavier more full-bodied scents in the winter – but again, this is individual. Personally, we have richer fragrances that we love to rediscover at any time of the year. Just do what feels right for you, personally – in fact, follow your nose!

Can I wear more than one perfume at a time?

Yes! Never be afraid to play with perfume. The wonderful thing about fragrance is there is no right or wrong: if you like something, then it’s right. Did you know that in the Middle East, women layer up to SEVEN fragrances at a time? Initially, you might want to try wearing two fragrances from the same ‘family’, and gradually becoming more daring.

Where should I apply perfume?

Spray or dab on your ‘hot spots’, or pulse points – behind the ears, temples, wrists, nape of the neck, back of the knees, in the crease of the elbows, back… The blood flows close to the surface in these zones and heats the fragrance oils. A Spritz from 8 - 10 inches (20-25 cm) away from your body, and let it develop on the skin. But do be aware of one no-no: perfume industry ‘insiders’ never, ever rub their wrists together after applying fragrance, because it affects the oils. Spray, waft your wrists around – and be patient…!

How do I choose the right perfume for me?

Initially, try the fragrance on a blotter (also known as a perfume ‘spill’); allow a few minutes for the alcohol and the top notes to subside, and then smell the blotters. At this stage, you may be able to eliminate one or more, if they don’t appeal – but it is really the heart notes and the lingering base notes that you will live with, and which are crucial.Remember: blotters are a useful way of eliminating no-hopers and lining up possibilities, but they’re not really enough to base a perfume purchase on. You really need to smell a scent on your skin.

Can I wear a men’s fragrance as a ‘perfume’?

Absolutely. Only in the last 150 years have distinctions been made between male and female fragrances. Of course, some may be more suited to a particular gender, but it is all a personal choice.

What is a fragrance wardrobe?

Some people have lots of shoes and bags and change according to their mood. A fragrance wardrobe provides the same opportunity for you to choose, according to your mood or the occasion. Signature provides an exquisite range of perfume choices are that you would truly love.

Are some perfumes created to be worn on special occasions?

We believe that fragrance is a personal choice and there are no rules to wearing a particular fragrance on special occasions. What many, many people like to do, though, if there’s an impending big day – a wedding, an anniversary, maybe even an awards ceremony – is to choose a new fragrance that will forever bring back memories of that important occasion.

Why is a perfume so expensive?

Expensive…? Can you really put a price on something which whisks you or conjures up the presence of a loved one? But let’s look at the facts. The price of a perfume is a reflection of the cost of the precious raw materials, and the length of time it has taken to create and develop the perfume. The skill of the perfumer – who must train for years, before qualifying – also has to be factored in, somewhere. We would rather save for a beautiful new perfume than another pair of shoes, ourselves…!

Can perfume help change my mood?

Yes: many people use fragrance as a lift for their spirits, and there is even a name for the science behind this: ‘Aromachology’. It’s been scientifically proven that different aromas can impact mood and emotions – not just personally, but affecting those around you. Bergamot is a feel-good ingredient, peppermint makes you perkier and more alert, and grapefruit – believe it or not – makes others believe you’re younger than you are…! This is one reason so many people now have a ‘wardrobe’ of fragrances, rather than just one signature scent: a perfume to make them feel romantic, after a hard day staring at a computer screen; to give them a relaxed, weekend feel on Saturdays and Sundays – or simply something that they spritz on for work, in the morning, which makes them feel focused and professional, in the same way as a smart suit or a crisp white shirt…

What kind of ingredients are found in perfume?

Perfume is composed – literally composed, with different notes – to create a complex blend, from different raw materials…These include natural materials, distilled or extracted directly from fruits, herbs, flowers, blossoms, barks, leaves, twigs, roots, resins, bulbs, rhizomes, seeds, woods, and more. Perfumers also use synthetics – man-made molecules. The reason perfumers like to use synthetics is to enhance their staying power, as some of the naturals have a short lifespan on the skin and the man-made ingredients act like a fixative. Many of your favorite fragrances could not exist if the perfumers didn’t weave together natural ingredients and man-made synthetic chemicals. The extraordinary skill of the ‘nose’, or perfumer is to combine these seamlessly, to take us on an emotional and sensory journey…

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Signature TBH has excellent aroma. The fragrance also lasts for a long time. This deodorant is ideal for wearing at work, at daytime functions, and with casual outfits.

Anuj Kumar Saroj

Superb Smell!!! The best part of Signature Yolo is that it instantly uplifts my mood. I'm totally in love with this perfume. Comes at a very affordable price. I'm definitely gonna buy it again!

Nirav Patva

I was blown away by the scent of the Signature Amour perfume. I found it suitable for my skin. Its scent refreshes the mind and lasts for hours. Everyone around me praised the smell. Thank you, Signature, for enhancing my charm and persona.

Darshita Sanghrajka

I am super impressed with Signature Cocktail. Classic & energetic, the fragrance is a pleasure to wear. This perfume keeps me feeling refreshed all day long.

Lalit Chauhan

Having tried almost every popular room freshener, Signature's product is the only one I would recommend to anyone as a pocket-friendly, great smelling and long-lasting alternative.

Vishal Bhogayta