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Perfect for every-day wear

Dore Eau De Parfum - 80ml

Dore Eau De Parfum - 80ml

Embark on an adventurous journey with the fascinating, alluring and refreshing fragrance of Signature Dore, where endless bliss awaits. This carefully crafted perfume embodies vibrant citrus notes with a heart of soft floral notes and settles into a rich woody scent. Explore this sensual, passionate and classic everyday luxury essence for a unique olfactory experience. As a result of our passion, care, and dedication, we are confident that the charismatic blend of scents will imbue passion and leave a lasting impression on all who come into contact with it! Embrace charisma, individuality, strength, and driving passion with Signature Dore. Caramel, Olibanum, Raspberry, Rosewood, Patchouli, Violet, Amber, Vanilla, and musky accords blend sensuously to create a delightfully refreshing scent. The Signature Dore perfume is sure to become your favourite daily essential!

The shelf life of this product is 3 years from the manufacturing date.

Long Lasting Fragrance

Perfect For Everyday Indulgence

Unisex Perfume

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    • * The fine fragrances of aromatic woods are embodied in this long-lasting, luxury perfume for both men and women.
    • * The Signature Dore perfume leaves an aromatic fragrance all day long, regardless of what you do or where you go.
    • * Immerse yourself in a woody aromatic fragrance that will pull people closer to you.
    • * Authentic craftsmanship of our experts makes each fragrance uniquely elegant
    • * Each fragrance is a delicate blend of international fine fragrances that are kin-friendly and suitable for everyday use.
    • * Caters to the contemporary tastes of both men & women.

    Unique Benefits


    Designed By Experts


    Allure & Elegant


    Long Lasting Fragrance


    Prevents Body Odour


    Base Note Of:


    Middle Note Of:


    Top Note Of:


    Complemented By Notes Of

    Olibanum | Violet | Patchouli | Rosewood

    Base Accords Of

    Vanilla | White Musk | Amber

    Fragrance Family

    Woody Aromatic


    Manufacturing Info

    Manufactured By- Aerometic Care Pvt. Ltd
    Plot No. WP-177 & 178, Sanad-2, GIDC Estate, Village-Bol, Ahmedabad - 382110, Gujarat - INDIA. MFG LIC - GC1653

What our customers are saying

Signature TBH has excellent aroma. The fragrance also lasts for a long time. This deodorant is ideal for wearing at work, at daytime functions, and with casual outfits.

Anuj Kumar Saroj

Superb Smell!!! The best part of Signature Yolo is that it instantly uplifts my mood. I'm totally in love with this perfume. Comes at a very affordable price. I'm definitely gonna buy it again!

Nirav Patva

I was blown away by the scent of the Signature Amour perfume. I found it suitable for my skin. Its scent refreshes the mind and lasts for hours. Everyone around me praised the smell. Thank you, Signature, for enhancing my charm and persona.

Darshita Sanghrajka

I am super impressed with Signature Cocktail. Classic & energetic, the fragrance is a pleasure to wear. This perfume keeps me feeling refreshed all day long.

Lalit Chauhan

Having tried almost every popular room freshener, Signature's product is the only one I would recommend to anyone as a pocket-friendly, great smelling and long-lasting alternative.

Vishal Bhogayta

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