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Persian flavored herbal tea full of antioxidants for good night sleep

Hibiscus & Red Melon 2 in 1 Green Tea

Hibiscus & Red Melon 2 in 1 Green Tea

Red Persian melon is a fine tasting rarely encountered flavor of Persian cantaloupe, Hibiscus is full of minerals & flavanoid advantage, Packed with anti-oxidants, Boosts energy & metabolism, Fortifies immune system, Improves sense of well-being & vitality, Rich in Vitamin C, Hibiscus offers heart-healthy benefits, Best nightcap

No Preservatives

No Artificial Flavours

Caffeine Free

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    CARE Green Tea is brought to you by BAN Labs, pioneers in Ayurveda for over 50 years. The range of 2 in 1 organic green tea infused with herbs is formulated to augment health.

    • Red Persian melon is a fine tasting rarely encountered flavor of Persian cantaloupe
    • Hibiscus is full of minerals and flavonoid advantage
    • Packed with anti-oxidants
    • Rich in Vitamin C
    • Protects from common cold, sore throat
    • Hibiscus offers heart healthy benefits
    • Best nightcap

    Unique Benefits




    Boost Energy &






    Persion Flavoured




    Green Tea

    Loaded with polyphenols, helps to improve metabolic rate, immunity, and brain, and oral health. Helps to prevent inflammation and swelling.


    A good source of anthocyanins, it is beneficial in the common cold, to speed up metabolism, and aids digestion. Helps to get better sleep quality.

    Persian Melon

    Persian melon is a fine-tasting rarely encountered flavor of Persian cantaloupe. Good for immune health, cardiovascular health, digestive health, skin and hair.


    Manufacturing Info

    Manufactured By - Crystal Tea India Pvt. Ltd
    1/14, TVS Nagar Road, Kavundampalayam, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu 641030.

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What our customers are saying

Made with 100% natural ayurvedic ingredients. Keeping myself fit with Care green tea. What a good way to start your day. It improves metabolism, detoxification, builds immunity, and keeps you look youthful. Also, it has ashwagandha in it which helps to manage desired sugar level and youthfulness.

Kiran Mehra

Your daily fix of immunity boosting ingredients. Green tea may help detox your body and it's important to do detoxification and here comes Care, which helps me in detoxification and helps in maintaining good health, fitness with their 3 amazing ranges of green tea.


Bringing together all the best ayurvedic ingredients to give you a glass of Immunity. Since childhood my father has given me only one remedy for everything -TURMERIC. Naturally during these times when health became a priority I had to choose a product which I could connect the most with.

Gazal Rai

Tried Care green tea and loved it! Have you tried it yet? My favorite ashwagandha green tea to boast my immunity and stay fit and fresh!!


Winters increase my love for tea, try the immunity boosting tea only from Care Health Benefits: Builds Immunity Helps Detoxification Keeps You Look Youthful Enhance Metabolism, Go for it!

Madalsa Sharma

My mornings call for a cup of positivitea with Care. My favourite out of these five is Ashwagandha Spiced Green Tea. You let me know yours! Go and Buy Care Green Tea at India's Best Online Shopping Portals.

Soundarya Thakur