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Rev up your immune defenses

Mahasudarshan Ghan Tablet

Mahasudarshan Ghan Tablet

Maha Sudarshana, a poly-herbal formulation is used traditionally as antipyretic, anti-malarial, antiviral, and anti-diabetic and contains Swertia chirata as its main ingredient.
Maha Sudarshana is the most preferred formulation amongst Ayurvedic practitioners for the treatment of visama jwara.
Mahasudarshan is a polyherbal ayurvedic medicine that is extensively used in the treatment of all types of fever, cold, malaria, liver, and spleen diseases.
Mahasudarshan helps to improve digestion and appetite; removes toxins from the blood; boosts immunity and protects against common bacterial infections; promotes perspiration and urination.

Strengthens immunity

Anti-pyretic property

Improve general wellness

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    Unique Benefits


    Useful in various types of mild to moderate fever


    Boosts immunity


    Relief in cough & cold



    Commonly known as a bitter tonic for the treatment of various types of fever, loss of appetite, digestive disorders, diabetes, skin and various other diseases. Is known to be anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, anti-viral and antimicrobial.


    Helps to relieve sore throat in cough, is an immunity booster, treats and prevents recurrence of respiratory tract infections.


    Neem is a well-known herb with potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic efficacy hence immensely useful in infective leucorrhoea and vaginitis.


    Rich source of vitamin, minerals, fibres and proteins. Moringa is good for joint and muscles, protects liver, supports healthy blood glucose levels and cardioprotective.

    Safed Chandan

    Chandan with its cold potency helps to pacify Pitta and cooling the body [DahaShamana], Ghrita of Chandana is also used in Fever [Jwar] associated with improper digestion vishamagni, liver disorders and anorexia [Aruchi].


    Manufacturing Info

    Nirav Healthcare Inc, Plot No. 61, GIDC Phase 1, Rajpipla, Dist. Narmada, Gujarat.

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